Thursday, January 12, 2012

The 365 Letter Challenge

While everyone has already cranked out their 2012 to do list, resolutions, and goals I decided to wait a bit and really take everyone's ideas in for my first New Year with this blog. I thought back to the helpful comments that were left in the Balk 6 - Calling all readers... post and have decided to make a few tweaks that will appear when baseball season resumes.

The Challenge:
I'm really planning on picking up the pace on my TTM collecting this year. While I think my first few months in the hobby have been fairly productive in getting responses and autographs I really think I can do better. Some of the responses I've gotten have just left me with so many more questions and needing to know more about the men who played the game.

As a result I'm looking to begin a huge undertaking, one that is undoubtedly going to leave a hefty mark on my wallet at the least from the stamps and envelopes let alone the cards. 365 letters mailed by December 31st 2012.

While I doubt that I'll be writing a letter every actual day and will be doubling/tripling/bakers dozening up, that's the goal. 365 letters sent to players active, retired, and on the rise as prospects.

I'm really asking for the blogging community to help me with this task. I can already tell that there will be lulls and times when the task seems overwhelming. I'll still be posting my returns and letters as the challenge goes on, so please comment, email, or even write snail mail. Leave ideas of players or themes to keep the letter writing task interesting, some days I just look at my piles of cards and feel I owe more than just picking a card from the stack to these men. If I ask their time in my letter I owe them a thoughtful reason for interrupting their daily lives beside I got their card in a dollar pack and chance chose them.

This page View Page will list each letter in the order I write them all the way up to the final 365th. Please readers, pass this undertaking along so even more people can watch the craziness I'm about to force upon myself. Feel free to comment as I update and thank you all in advance.


  1. Great idea. If you need a challenge to keep you going, might I suggest a Topps Angels Project similar to my Yankees project?

  2. This is a cool project that I'll definitely be following. Good luck and I look forward to the returns.

  3. Sounds like a big challenge, but you can do it!