Friday, August 17, 2012

Big League Moment (8) Ian Kennedy

During the 2012 season the Angels played the Diamondbacks as part of inter-league play. Diamondbacks ace Ian Kennedy was kind enough to share a little bit about TTM while he signed a few autographs on his way into the stadium.

I said thank you for signing on his way into the stadium and Ian said no problem, so I mentioned that I was happy to get his autograph since I had mailed him a request last year at the stadium. He laughed kind of sheepishly and said "Not everything gets to me and I don't really sign during the season, but I try to get some in the off season. My wife has a big stack of it at home for me so I don't lose it. You know who does sign his mail though...but don't tell him I told you or I'll get in trouble."

I thought it was pretty awesome of Ian to be honest about his TTM signing habits and I really appreciated him passing along a tip for another player he knew who did sign TTM during the season. I can't share the player here since Kennedy asked me not, but the whole experience was cool. There have been a few readers who weren't too thrilled I didn't spill the beans on who Kennedy tipped out as a reliable signer but I've got to respect what was asked of me.


  1. That's awesome! As a D-Backs fan I'd love to know who he said, but I've got a pretty good idea who it would be if it was another D-Backs player. Cool story!

  2. Kind of curious, why would be such a big deal who signs during the season for the DBacks, as if that was a big 'hush hush' secret?

    Unless of course it was a player not signing his own mail.

    1. I think the idea resolves around that it's mail meant for him. Plenty of guys are really great almost instant TTM replies, but you only really find that out about them by asking about the guy or looking into them. You're at least interested in him as a player if not a fan. If people just start randomly spreading that you're a quick return then you start getting the impersonal collectors who just want another signature and don't care about the player.