Sunday, August 5, 2012

RBI (99) The Undisputed Champ..

I know there are several readers out there who also read David's and Zim's blog since they graph more than just baseball like I tend to focus on. One thing that I enjoy doing is seeing what other celebrity's are at the Angel game since there tend to be a random cool person at least once a home stand. LA may get it's notables but so far I've been able to meet Tommy Lasorda, Jon Daniels, and this time former WBC Welterweight Champion Victor 'Vicious' Ortiz at an Angels game.

With a professional record of 29-4-2, Ortiz is a top contender winning the Welterweight title in ESPN's fight of the year over Andre Berto in 2011. He then had a very controversial fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. where the fierce southpaw lost the title by a KO that split boxing fans over the fight's outcome. His follow up fight for the vacant WBC Silver Welterweight title against Josesito Lopez was stopped as Ortiz's jaw was broken and he couldn't come back out of his corner to continue the fight.

Vicious was actually really nice and was taking photos and signing autographs for any fans that come by to wish him well and meet him. I had him sign my ticket from the game since I was out of balls and didn't realize he would be at the game so I didn't bring a photo or anything for him.
Ortiz is a top contender and I'm sure when he's healthy he will get another shot at the title. I'm actually a big fan of boxing so this was definitely a pleasant surprise to meet him and score his autograph. He was cool enough to inscribe "Vicious" under his name.

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