Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A True Class Act by the Detroit Tigers

I originally was not going to write this post, but as I was sorting through some of my folders I decided I had to make this public. It's too kind a story not to share.

If any of you are regular readers of Baseball By The Letters then you are aware of the recent necessity for Virgil Trucks to end all his fan mail and TTM activity due to his health. When Tom from BBTL passed on the message that all Mr. Trucks would appreciate from his fans would be a kind word on his behalf to Bud Selig on behalf of his case for Cooperstown I knew that I had to take the time for someone who took so much time for all of us collectors.

I did not write a letter to Mr. Selig, because I wasn't sure if the Commissioner is one for his own mail. Instead I wrote a letter to David Dombrowski, President and CEO of the Detroit Tigers informing him of Virgil's recent need to step down as an unofficial but beloved ambassador of the Tigers. I requested if it was possible he could mention Mr. Trucks to those on the Veterans Committee since I thought a word from the power of a franchise would go farther than my own.

Mr. Dombrowski sent me a copy of a letter he wrote to Mr. Trucks and I won't post any excerpts, but I will state it was a classy and touching note. I sincerely hope it brought some joy to Mr. Trucks to see the familiar Tigers logo waiting for him in his mailbox one morning. With all the controversies and scandals you hear about what is and always will be a child's game it was nice to see someone rise above the business end and extend a hand of friendship.

I tip my hat to you Mr. Dombrowski, and I thank you again Mr. Trucks for your correspondence and gift of your autograph.

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