Monday, January 28, 2013

Ted Williams 1955 Topps

Recently a family member approached me with a request. They were clearing through their older possessions and collectibles and were getting ready to sell off part of their collection so others could enjoy them now. One thing they had decided to part with was part of their collection of vintage baseball cards. I'm not sure what the whole collection looks like yet, but it was an instant "yes of course" just for the chance to be in contact with some vintage cardboard.

Knowing how much of a Red Sox fan I am however, they decided to gift me this very special Ted Williams 1955 Topps card rather than sell it. I am very touched by this gesture especially seeing as I know I'd never be able to to buy this card for myself with even low end PSA 2 versions of this classic sought after card running $100. I appreciate being given this cardboard treasure and hope one day to pass it on down as a family heirloom going from one baseball lover to another. 

Mickey, Ted, and Stan are now all gone. Baseballs, bats, and photos are all fantastic  mementos to remember their greatness and memory, however I think their legacy is best immortalized in these vintage pieces of cardboard that survive the test of time. The vibrant colors and eye catching images are a snapshot from their prime as their legend grew with each passing season to become the immortals we know them as now.


  1. Great looking card regardless of grade. Can't go wrong with Ted Williams